Clicks Into Dollars

Everyday, I convert clicks into dollars and I want to help you do the same. How do I do this? I keep things simple, targeted and scalable.

I was laid off for the last time in 2002, and since then I have made a full-time income online. My methods are simple to implement and simple to understand. The key to my success is this: I figure out a process that makes money, then I repeat it over and over. Each time I refine my method just a little bit more.

One thing that always helps me stay focused on the things that make me money is sharing what makes me money with people that actually want to know. Over the years thousands of people have asked me how I make money online. They ask if they can also make money online. While thousands of people have asked me, only a few hundred have been sincere. Only some people really wanted to succeed online. These people drive me forward.

So here is my selfish proposal: I will tell you everything I do to make money online, as I am doing it, but I won’t tell what I am selling. What exactly does that mean? Here is what you will get when you subscribe to my newsletter and read my blog:

  • I will tell you exactly what I do with ppc to make money
  • I will explain exactly how I look for things to sell
  • I will make available (for sale) the exact same software I use every day
  • I will keep you updated when I expand into other online ventures
  • I will tell you the people I learn from and tell you the programs I have used to grow
  • I will do my best to inspire you and be inspired by you

There are three simple rules that if followed will ensure your success. Unfortunately, I don’t know what yours are. But I do know the three simple rules I follow that permit me to succeed. Want to know what they are? Here is what you need to do:

  1. 1. Sign up for my newsletter
  2. 2  Read the newsletter and let me know if it is helpful
  3. 3. Start taking action
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